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Stephen P. Adams
The Temple Scroll

   The old covenant meets the new world order in modern Jerusalem. Danger and intrigue follow when an ancient text reveals plans to rebuild the city of God: A mission. An ancient scroll. An abandoned Range Rover. Threats from the black market. How did Jim Harper land in this predicament? Harper is not your ordinary detective. He leads a quiet, steady life, teaching at a Christian college and writing for scholarly journals. But suddenly a strange proposal from an elderly heiress transports him to the Middle East. Mysteries surrounding the Dead Sea Scrolls resurface. Rumor has it that additional scrolls exist. The problem is, no one is certain of their contents. With the help of the lovely Miriam, Harper sets out in search of the scroll, a search that could prove deadly. Intrigue and espionage surround his investigation. Timing is critical. Are political factions suppressing knowledge of the ancient documents? Will scholars use the scrolls to prove Christianity a myth? As the search narrows and stakes are raised, Harper realizes the scrolls could be an amazing disovery ... or a devastating blow to the Christian faith.

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