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Stephen P. Adams
The Hofburg Treasures

   It's the year 2045, and law and order have succumbed to mass corruption. When the Hofburg Museum in Vienna suffers the theft of two relics -- believed to possess mystical power -- chief curator Werner Liebenfels dares not turn to government agencies for help. Instead, he hires the detective team McBride & McBride, relying on their integrity and high moral character to uncover the thieves and return the articles. But there's something more to this case than meets the eye. An international spy has recently stolen genome tapes, which are classified records of the population's genetic information. The government of what used to the United States now decides who can and cannot bear children. The Italian Mafia has become a legitimate business. How does all this relate to the missing Hofburg treasures? Ten years after the events of October Holiday, we meet again young Peter McBride, now fresh out of law school, and his stepfather, Neal. Suddenly, they are thrust from their mundane pursuits as private investigators into a web of intrigue, betrayal, occultism, and murder.

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