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Stephen P. Adams
Reinventing Your Career

Surviving a Layoff and Creating New Opportunities:

   Each year a half million Americans are laid off. For many, unemployment is a life-changing trauma near the top of the stress list, disrupting their marriages and attacking their sense of self-worth. For others, it can be a blessing in disguise -- marking the start of a new career or even self-employment. It depends on how it's handled. Reinventing Your Career will help you cope with the emotional and spiritual effects of job loss, from an author who has been there. Twice. In Reinventing Your Career, Stephen Adams helps you get get from this career to your next career. He offers illlustrations from his life and from other successful career reinventors. He provides tools to help you construct your personal mission statement. He interviews career placement experts, and he offers an extensive appendix recommending outstanding resources.

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